Monday, June 4, 2012

Pancharevo Eco Path

After three weeks of rain, hail storms and an earthquake - 5.9 Richter shook Sofia on May 22nd, followed by several secondary quakes (what a month of May it was!), yesterday's sunny Sunday was a rare gift. So, we shouldered our rucksacks and hiked the path above the Pancharevo lake in the low Lozen mountain.

The children, as always, were mostly excited by the various bugs and birds and lizards we came upon - a songbird (a nightingale perhaps), a short-legged lizard, that moved like a snake (and two big green lizards with blue heads, but they were too quick for us to take a picture), a heart-shaped mushroom, a stork high in the sky:


  1. What a lovely day out, and it is lovely you take your children to appreciate the great outdoors to. :). I hope you were not to badly affected by the earthquakes, how terrible