Sunday, June 17, 2012


I've been having the blues lately ...
A few lost battles with (governmental) windmills and a bunch
of wrecked nerves can give you that.
And in unison with my blue mood my blue knitting has failed me too:

 I fell in love with zipi's Bronze and decided to knit one in the round, using Camilla 100% cotton:

Only a couple of inches into my knitting I knew Camilla was the wrong yarn and I was not that much into the pattern either. So I started Cobalt:

Halfway through the back I felt this was not the pattern for my ropey shiny cotton, and anyway I wanted something more lacy. So I cast on a new Japanese pattern I found on Ravelry:

Several days later a creepy suspicion made me measure the knitting, only to find that my gauge must have been off and the sweater was coming too narrow. Further sampling and I came with this final modification, adding one purl stitch between every two triplets:

So far I'm loving it. It's a slow process with all the cables and lace,
but I hope it'll be worth it ...

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  1. I hate it when yarn won't just tell me what it wants to be from the beginning and instead makes me work extra hard to figure it out.