събота, 26 май 2012 г.


Project: Elegante crochet cardigan
Yarn: Alize Diva Solids 100% microfiber
Hook: 2.5 mm
Time to crochet: started on July 2nd last summer and
finished on March 10th 2012, finally assembled and photo shot today

This project traveled a lot last summer, I took it even to Greece, but the initial
enthusiasm left me as early as after a few days of crocheting and then it was a real
slog in between knitting projects.
Still, I love it a lot on my daughter and I can only hope she'll wear it at least
once this summer :)

7 коментара:

  1. Why wouldn't she wear the cardigan? It looks great, very feminine together with the black dress. Beautiful girl, you have to tell her.

  2. What a gorgeous daughter you have! And I agree, that cardi looks terrific on her.

  3. it looks beautiful on her! congrats for finishing it!