Saturday, February 18, 2012


It's a mystery to me how it happened, but instead of attaching the zipper to the CPH, a zipper, which I still haven't bought, I find myself today blogging about my new summer cardigan, half of which is already done in less than two days.
Probably because I've had too much work lately, and the winter is so cold and long and tiresome, but for two days I felt too tired and unenthused about knitting. I just didn't feel like finishing any of my other projects or starting another small cold weather project. And then I got it - I was tired of winter, I needed to knit something to remind me of warmer and greener days. I like snow and at first was very happy with everything being covered in white, but now I long for color, I'm tired of white and grey.
And after two whole days without knitting, just browsing through my stash and queues on Ravelry, on Thursday night I spontaneously cast on the last on my queue - this little cardi from the latest DROPS collection - Mystic River. I had just the yarn for the project in my stash - a soft cotton-acrylic blend in green. The pattern is very well written and easy, I really hope it would make a wearable little cardi.

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  1. that's a perfect way to cure winter blues! the yarn is such a lovely spring-y green.