Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Hood

Slowly, but steadily I'm making progress on my Central Park Hoodie, and though I had some issues with the pattern and even some significant unraveling, I still like it immensely and enjoy the process. This morning I finished the hood and thought I'd share my modifications for anyone who might want to try them.
Like many others, I decided to continue the cables from the center of the back into the hood. Because cables make knitting narrow, and I read on Ravelry that the hood runs narrow anyway, I picked up a total of 86 stitches as for the large sizes, though I'm knitting a customized 32 size. I also started picking stitches from the left front and on the WS, after transferring the live stitches from the left front on the needles without knitting them, to make the fronts even (I don't know why the pattern doesn't take into consideration that when stitches are left live on the fronts, the right front is one row shorter than the left).
I knit the hood for 28 cm and then began decreases on the central cable panel of 18 sts.
The first decrease row is the 3rd cable row of the fronts and the 9th cable row of the back.
Here's what's going on with the central 18 stitches:
1 row (RS): p2 ssk k4 p2 k4 k2tog p2 (two stitches decreased)
2 row (WS): k2 p5 k2 p5 k2 (no decreases)
3 row (RS): p2, right cable: k1 k2tog, k2 from cable needle, p2, left cable: k2, k1 k2tog from cable needle (two stitches decreased)
4 row (WS) k2 p4 k2 p4 k2 (no decreases)
5 row (RS): p2 k2 k2tog p2 ssk k2 p2 (two stitches decreased)
6 row (WS) k2 p3 k2 p3 k2 (no decreases)
7 row (RS): p2 k2 ssk k2tog k2 p2 (two stitches decreased)
8 row (WS) k2 p2tog p1 p1 p2togtbl k2 (two stitches decreased)
9 row (RS): p2 ssk k2tog p2 (two stitches decreased)
10 row (WS): k1 p2togtbl p2tog k1 (two stitches decreased)
11 row (RS): k3togtbl k3tog (four stitches decreased)
All of the 18 stitches of the cable pattern are decreased.
Continue to decrease the two central stitches symmetrically on the next row:
12 row (WS): p2tog, p2togtbl
The next row is the last row of the hood and the 5th row of the cable pattern of the fronts. Knit this row until two stitches before the center of the hood, ssk, fold the knitting in half with the two needles side by side and graft the stitches, grafting the first two stitches of the front needle together. The graft row acts as the second half of the 5th row and evens the two halves of the hood.

On the last picture my daughter is demonstrating the hood from behind and you might even notice that I still haven't sewn the second sleeve (but I will this evening, I promise :)

And another project I started just to test the pattern. I think this might make a nice cowl, and I even like it in mohair, but I think I hate the color of my yarn (raw meat gone bad - pinkish beige) and I am currently considering throwing it away for good - something I've never done before, actually. Do you ever throw away yarn you hate?


  1. Very, very stylish and comfortable hoodie. I like your pinkish beige project! :)

  2. When I have yarn I just have to get rid of, I find someone to donate it to via the Yarncycle group on Raverly. Don't know if it will be convenient for you - I think a lot of the members are in the US, but it's worth a look :-)

  3. Your hoodie is looking great and the test knit is so interesting. Like Gail, I tend to give yarn away rather than just throw it out ... except if I find it much to hideous!

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