Thursday, September 29, 2011

SSS'11 - Hot September Days

Days 13 to 18

Day 13: The Old Gold Crocheted Top from Lion Brand Yarn free patterns.
I should really wear this top more often, I don't know why I didn't take it to Greece, it seems quite appropriate for seaside walks:

Day 14: I sew this top for the evening after the wedding of my best friend Elly (that's 15 years ago), sort of in a hurry and the sewing work is not very neat. The buttons, however, were a lucky inspiration - the bosom of the top (Burda pattern) turned too big for me and I decided to make a small inside pleat with buttons in front. I like it like that and as I find tailored blouses to be my favorite, I wear it a lot. The pants are Italian Motivi, sadly a bit too tight and almost never worn, I believe next summer they'll be my daughter's:

Day 15: The first day of the school year - a kind of holiday for parents all over Bulgaria. Both of our children this year study at the Sofia High School of Mathematics, one of the most prestigious schools in the country. I'm so proud of them both! For the morning I put on my Quanun cardigan, but I had to take it off during the opening ceremony, as the day turned out quite hot:

Day 16: Kim Hargreaves and Simply Red - a comfortable everyday sweater, probably a tiny bit too simple:

Day 17: Kim Hargreaves again and Arielle - this one I love more:

Day 18: My oldest self-sewn dress - made some 18 years ago and worn quite a lot. I still like it as a house dress, as I find it flattering :)

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