Friday, September 2, 2011

Cherni Vrah (2290 m)

It was the perfect day for mountain climbing - warm, but not hot with a cool breeze, so - up we went from Aleko Hut to Cherni Vrah and back. Vitosha is the mountain near Sofia (where we live) and Cherni Vrah is its summit, height 2290 m. Because of the height the wild raspberries were still ripe, and we ate loads of these :) Parallel with the climbing the scenery changed from pine and spruce woods to pine-scrubs and raspberry and blueberry bushes to rivers of moraines, covered with yellow-green lichen. The panorama from the top was almost surrealistic - barren, as if martian fields. On the way back we had some light drizzle for a while - just to test our new emergency raincoats - and the sun appeared again through the white clouds. We saw up close a flock of medium size birds, a falcon and ... a chopper.
A great day to mark the end of the summer.

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