Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cadence in Red

This is the first bamboo mix that I've knitted and it's pure joy. Soft, soft, soft. Tender to the skin, easy to knit. I was warned that it tends to lengthen after blocking and I had a terrible day yesterday, when the sweater grew enormous in length and width, but as it turned out, only while the yarn was still wet. As it dried, it shrank to its pre-blocking dimensions (actually, I did hope it would lengthen a bit, but it's OK). I had only 250 g, so I decided to make the sweater tight and short and I think I like it this way, as it is intended as a spring / early summer attire.
About the pattern: easy but for the diamond part, where I tried to watch tv and knit and ergo unraveled it twice :). The pattern is written for 6 mm needles, but I am definitely a loose knitter, as I made it size S on 4 mm and it fits.

Name: Cadence in Red
Pattern: Cadence by Jordana Paige
Yarn: Nako Bambu 65% cashmere 35% bamboo
Needle: 4 mm


  1. The sweater is beautiful, and I love your whole outfit. So cute!

  2. You so sweat, Hi from Bulgaria :)))