Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beaded Easter Egg Shell

Photo Tutorial

A couple of years ago I found an excellent tutorial on how to make a beaded egg shell - and I made this one. I've lost the tutorial, but I have the old egg shell, so I decided to reconstruct it in this new photo tutorial.
I bought several kinds of beads and I chose these four to make the shell:

Cut 2.5 m thread, run it through the first round bead and make a knot. Thread three more round beads, then alternate 9 long with round beads, finish the row with four round beads. Run the thread back through the three but last beads and start the second row. Every second round bead is the bead from the previous row. Continue in this manner until the shell is big enough (11 diamond rows):

Close the last row without round beads - thread through the beads from the previous rows. Finish with a circle of round beads. Leave the other end of the shell open to put in the colored Easter egg, or use a wooden decorative egg.

And another one:


  1. These are beautiful! I am missing part of the text and am wondering if you can get the egg back out...oh, I suppose you could just break the egg.