Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This was definitely a quick knit - only one week, as planned, almost no unraveling. The pattern was comparatively easy to memorize and follow and to keep me interested. I had some issues with the yarn (what's new :) - the two skeins had a very slight hue difference, hope it's not visible to the untrained eye, and then - I had only 200 g and I had to make it suffice. So, after I knitted the body, I weighed the remaining yarn, then knitted one of the sleeves up to bind off, weighed again, found out that I'll manage only just, so I started knitting the second sleeve from the other end of the skein without breaking the yarn. And for some obscure reason I knitted it so fast, as if trying to outrun the yarn. I was lucky (or perhaps it's due to my excellent maths skills - I'm so modest :), but 200 g were just enough.

Name: Hugs and Kisses for Mony
Pattern: Tea for Two Sweater by Louisa Harding
From: Miss Bea's Rainy Day
Needle: 3 mm, 3.5 mm
Yarn: YarnArt Merino de Luxe 200 g

Кратък преразказ на пуловерчето на български

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