Saturday, May 11, 2024

Brick Shorts for Gaby

This is the second item I made for Gaby  - a pair of shorts for the summer in a beautiful brick color (which is somewhat lost on these photos). They go perfectly with the Rhapsody blouse, as well as many other summer blouses I've made for her over the years. I hope they'll get a lot of wear this summer, as she had mentioned that she needed such shorts for the hot days in Vienna.

The pattern is again a Burda pattern, which is designed as paperbag shorts, but I cut the part above the waist and chose to add a simple waistband and belt loops. The pattern also features cuffs, but my piece of fabric was very limited, so I made the shorts as long as possible, but without the cuffs. I actually think that the cuffs might have made them less elegant, so if I ever repeat the pattern, I'm not sure I'll be adding them anyway.

Pattern: Burda 104 02/2017
Size: 36, modified
Fabric: cotton/polyester twill, 60-70 cm remnant piece 
Time to make: one week

The most complicated part of the pants for me was again the fly front zipper. I followed this Russian video tutorial and I heartily recommend it. Maybe one day I'll learn to insert these with my eyes closed, but for now zippers are still a hurdle for me :)

As with the Rhapsody blouse, I took the pictures before Gaby had tried the pants on. They fitted her quite well, but for the big pleats at the centre, which she didn't quite like. I modified them slightly, moving the pleats towards the sides and dividing them into two smaller pleats each. The end result was much more pleasing and I would have this mod in mind, if I make these pants again.

The last feature of these small pants are the pocket flaps. They are only decorative, as per pattern, no hidden pockets at the back of the pants. However, I find them an interesting detail, which gives the shorts a bit of sophistication and completeness.

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