Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Vrana in April 2024

After the summer temperatures in March and the first half of April, in the second half the weather abruptly changed and we took out the winter jackets again. Last weekend was coldish and cloudy, and it rained all day on Sunday, but the Saturday was pretty pleasant for a walk in a park. Like Vrana.

The second half of April is the perfect time to observe most of the decorative trees in Vrana in bloom. The wisterias were in their prime.

Hike info:
Date: 20 April 2024
Destination: Vrana
Total length: 8 km
Total duration : 2.5 hours

The magnolias were mostly past their blooming time this year and the large magnolia tree was nothing like its glorious self from the previous year. Not only had it already lost all of its blossoms, but a major branch of it died this year and had to be cut off.

This time we decided to explore even further the park along some of its unkempt alleys.

A small bird had fallen from a nest on one of the alleys. I hope the mother found it and somehow helped it .

Only in the course of a couple of weeks the trees covered in fresh leaves and now everything is so lusciously green.

All the lilacs were also in bloom
and some of the magnolias
and the rhododendrons
and the carobs

The season was almost over for the sakuras

A common finch on the alley

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