Friday, March 8, 2024

Pink Hoodie

In February I made another sweater for Gaby. This is a pattern I had already made twice, once for myself and one for Gaby, but both sweaters were lightweight. And in February all of a sudden I became obsessed with the idea to sew the same sweater for Gaby in solid color and out of warm sweatshirt knit.

I browsed through all sweatshirt knits in my favourite fabric store, but none of the colors caught my eye. And then I found the new section they had added to the shop - fabric scraps and remains and it turned to be a real treasury! There I came upon this rose-ash sweatshirt fabric and I knew I had finally found it - the dreamy fabric for this girly pattern.

By Gaby's request I elongated the body a bit and I also added a kangaroo pocket. From experience I knew that the original hood of the sweater is on the rather large side, so I modeled a new hood, based on a Grasser sweater I made her a couple of years ago. I also borrowed the pocket pattern from that Grasser sweater.

I am especially happy with the coordinating lining and other notions I was able to find for the hoodie. Initially I had added a cord with tassels, but Gaby asked for a simpler outlook, so I cut the tassels and replaced them with small wooden balls.

Fabric: sweatshirt knit
Size: 36, - 4 in width, +4 cm in length
Time to make: 8 days  

Since the completion of the hoodie I visited the fabric shop a couple more times, always returning with new treasures from the remnants section, so there will be much more sewing content here soon :)

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