Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Dark Grey T-shirts For The Boys

One of the pieces of fabric I picked from the section with fabric remnants in my favourite fabric shop, was a dark grey cotton-viscose fairly solid knit fabric. The length of the precut piece was 1.6 m, and I imagined it just enough for a longsleeve and a short-sleeve T-shirt for husband and son.

The pattern is my favourite men's T-shirt pattern, I've already made probably a dozen T-shirts and longsleeves based on it and I still tinker and meddle with it every time I use it, trying to find the perfect fit. This time I cut size 48 for husband with a little added to the side seams and the fold, so the width is probably +2 cm to the designed width and it is just the ideal width for him. I also made the sleeves with short cuffs instead of the usual hem, I think it suits the sporty outlook of the longsleeve better.

Size: 48 with with added length and width
Fabric: cotton viscose knit
Time to make: 6 days for both T-shirts

Next time I plan to make the neck opening for husband the same width as the smaller size, as he has a long and slim neck and the larger size neck openings are a bit too wide for him.

Size: 46 with with added length
Fabric: cotton viscose knit
Time to make: 6 days for both T-shirts

For my son I cut the smallest size, adding length to the body. I also moved a bit the neckline, lowering it 2.5 cm at the front and bringing it a bit higher at the back, as this placement suits him better.

The pattern is more or less a straightforward T-shirt,  with slim fit and shoulder seams, shifted 2 cm to the front. I overstitched the shoulder seams, the neckband and the hems with double needle and covered the seam of the back neck opening with an additional fabric band, as is done in high quality RTW T-shirts. And I obviously added small pockets for interest.

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