Friday, September 8, 2023

Rilska Skakavitza 2023

A few photos from our hike to Rilska Skakavitza waterfall at the end of August.This is one of our favourite places in Rila, the length of the trail is perfect and fairly easy and the beauty of the place in all seasons is extraordinary.

We hiked it on a Saturday and it was fairly packed with tourists, especially the part around the waterfall, but the ripe raspberries were in such abundance, that there were plenty for all of us. We ate, and ate, and gathered some and then ate some more and these were definitely among the most delicious wild raspberries we've come upon.

The valley of Skakavitza river with the waterfall in the distance. This is the highest waterfall in Rila mountain.

Hike info:

Destination: Rilska Skakavitza Waterfalls
Mountain: Rila
Total length: 13 km
Elevation gain: 585 m
Total duration (plus picnic and rests): 6 and a half hours with raspberry picking and eating
Average difficulty: 4 / 10 

We had our lunch here, on a few rocks right in the middle of the  river. I adore these picnics!

Me-made items, worn on this hike:

Husband: boxer shorts, Knitpick cargo pants
I: lingerie, striped tunic, Love Notions leggings


 We returned along the alternative, longer, but easier trail by Pionerska hut.

Plenty of ripe and sweet wild raspberries on our way back. We even made 6 small jars of wild raspberry jam at home.

And one of my most exciting encounters with wild life - a fox passed me by on the trail back.


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