Thursday, April 20, 2023

Vrana 2023

Probably the best of the Easter Holiday days, weather-wise, was the Saturday. 

Early in the morning I mixed and kneaded the dough for two loafs of normal bread and two other of Easter bread (kozunak), left them to rise and husband and I went for a walk in the Vrana museum park.

We love to visit the park every spring and it is always interesting to compare our impressions with previous years. This year the magnolias were early to bloom and were already withering mid-April, but the sakuras, the lilacs, the rhododendrons and rhubarb trees were far from blossoming. 

  :Although I enjoyed sewing my Queen's Gambit inspired dress, I actually never wear it. I opted to put it on as a sort of a farewell to it, as I don't think it suits my style and I don't feel particularly good in it. As much as I appreciate wearing the things I make, some (many?) of them were mistakes - style-wise / fabric-wise and there's nothing wrong in admitting it and discarding them to make room for better clothes.

:On the other hand, husband loves his new Houndstooth Hoodie and genuinely enjoys wearing it.

:We spent about two and a half hours, roaming the alleys of the park and then we returned home to Easter bread baking and egg coloring. I'm happy to report, my Easter breads this year were a huge success, I plan to write down the recipe in the blog for further reference, as it is a keeper.

:The giant magnolia trees, we found last year, were again in bloom

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