Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Yellow Cowl Neck Blouse

A new casual viscose blouse for myself, my third this season. As we had a very long warm, even hot Indian summer and I walked some 4-6 km every day, I found my light longsleeves extremely comfy and wearable.

The new blouse is another hybrid, this time between a cowl neck Burda pattern I tried first two years ago and my now beloved slightly gathered sleeves with longish cuffs, adapted from Burda 112 10/2021.


My first iteration of the cowl neck pattern was more or less a failure, as I used fairly stiff and thick knit fabric and I've been contemplating ever since to try it again with a more suitable thin viscose knit. So when I grabbed this mustard yellow viscose, I knew its fluidity and drape was exactly what the pattern called for. The construction of the neck is interesting and original and I really like it and I find it flattering and comfy.

Pattern: Burda 103 10/2014 and Burda 112 10/2021 (sleeves)
Size: 34, shortened  sleeves by 10 cm, body by 3 cm
Fabric: viscose knit, 1.2 m
Thread: yellow polyester
Time to make: 4 days

However, I should note, that the pattern runs pretty tight and body hugging, which I do not particularly like. If I am to repeat this pattern again, I would definitely go for a larger size from the underarms down and would probably shorten it a couple of centimeters also.

Now, that the warm days are over, I should probably turn to knitting and sewing warmer, more weather appropriate clothes and leave the light viscose fabrics for the next warm season. Or will I :)) ?

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