Monday, August 29, 2022

Cute Pink Blouse

Gaby was home for almost two weeks and I was inspired to make her a new blouse. 

I had a wide piece of ash-rose cotton jersey, which turned enough for two short sleeved blouses, so I decided to do some batch sewing

First I cut the two identical blouses - one for her and one for me. Then I overlocked the edges, assembled the bodies, added the sleeves to my item and finally tried it on - only to find out, that the modification I had made to the original pattern - adding an inch to the neck to make it less wide, did not work well with this fabric. There were also some other issues with the sleeve elastic. On the next morning, with a fresh head I came up with a solution to go back to the original neckline and to add the elastic, creating a channel in the folded hem, using straight stitching.

The good thing about batch sewing is, that it is definitely more efficient and quicker, but when one is experimenting with a pattern, it might lead to more work to remedy unsuccessful decisions. I should probably avoid it, if I am not 100% certain in my pattern.

Pattern: Burda 6202
Size: 36, shortened
Fabric: cotton jersey
Time to make: 3 days for the two blouses

Both Gaby and I already wore our new blouses. A bonus picture from our walk on Saturday downtown with husband.

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