Thursday, August 11, 2022

Another Bailen Top

As I often do in the summer with the remnants from my viscose / georgette projects - a new Bailen Top. I've already got five of these, but I found that I most often wear my georgette top, as it crinkles much less than the others, so I was very motivated to make another one out of this gorgeous cotton georgette.

I cut the pieces on the bias, as is per pattern, and as I didn't have a big enough bias piece for the back, I actually made it out of two separate pieces, sewn together with a french seam. My side seams are french seams also.

I like to play with the straps, this time I made two pairs of them and decided to place them in the form of a letter M. I think it probably adds some interest to the back and is supposed to cover better the bra straps, but as evidenced from the photos, not quite.

As much as I like this pattern and find it particularly good for utilizing summer fabric remnants, I believe I am fed up with it. I have a few other strap tops in mind so next year I might finally try something new.

Pattern: Bailѐn Top by Pauline Alice, free pattern
Size: 34, slightly modified, cut on the bias
Fabric: 100% cotton georgette
Time to make: 3 days

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