Sunday, January 3, 2021

2020 Review

2020 was a very productive year for me. This year I embraced my passion for sewing, bought a serger, started working with knit fabric and became more confident working with flimsy viscose and gorgette fabrics. I made a lot of items, more than 100 if we count all the lingerie and hand-made jewelry. Some were failures from the start, some proved to be uncomfortable or unflattering, but most were more or less successful and have enriched our wardrobes. 

I've chosen just 5 sewn items I am quite proud of:

Although most of my creative energy this year went into sewing, I did continue to knit and made a couple of hats, a big shawl, a few pairs of socks and these five sweaters, all of which are loved and worn: 

Even though the year was marked by quarantines and lock downs, we had our share of traveling and hiking. Probably the most memorable - our extremely lucky visit to beautiful Malta just before all the madness began:

In August we made a five day traveling journey through Northern Bulgaria, visiting my extended family. We enjoyed it so much that we hope to repeat it this year, as there are so many other beautiful places in our own country that we would like to visit (again):
My greatest joy - hiking in the mountains. This year the weather, especially in the transitional seasons, was surprisingly mild and pleasant and we traveled a lot to the nearby mountains and climbed a lot of peaks, some of them repeatedly. The most memorable hikes:

To the Seven Rila lakes in late June. I adore this place and hope to return to it every year.

To peak Malyovitza - one of the more difficult peaks of Rila, this time we climbed it in the fog.

Ruen on my birthday - it was a great hike and I was very happy to celebrate my day on the peak and in the Osogovo hut later in the evening.

Our Christmas hike to Cherni vruh - that was an adventure to remember :)

Although the year was difficult and stressful, we and all of our extended family and friends were lucky to escape the virus and to stay healthy and comparatively sheltered. I hope 2021 will be a good year, we will all stay healthy and be able to enjoy life fully and freely.