Sunday, January 12, 2020

Polovrak 2020

A few photos from our hike to Polovrak, the highest peak of Lozen mountain and our first hike for 2020. I checked with my blog, which is sort of a diary for me these last years, and it turns out Polovrak was our first hike for 2019 too. Which is no surprise - the days are short and we prefer closer and easier destinations and Lozen is only 18 km from home, the track is 11 km total and fairly easy and pleasant; it is definitely among our top 10 hiking destinations.
The day was warm for January, but cloudy and grey, with ice in the lower parts of the trail, so it was quite an exercise. The difference between the alpine parts of Vitosha, where we hiked on 31 December, and this low mountain is very obvious - the snow coverage was very thin and even lacking at places; it's been a snowless and very warm winter so far.

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  1. How different landscape can look with snow. That tree is amazing.