Sunday, January 19, 2020

Burda 01 / 2020 Hoodie #107

This is probably one of my best makes recently - hoodie #107 of Burda 01/2020. I love everything about it - the playful combination of the elegant shirt sleeves with cuffs and the casual hood and how well it goes with the rich natural viscose fabric and the little colorful monkeys on it :)
I had four small light green buttons, that suited the fabric surprisingly well and I wanted to make the cord of the hoodie in the same light green color, but I couldn't find the right color ribbon. I'm still searching and if I come upon one, I might change the cord.

The fabric is again a gift from my friend (I have a whole box of these fabrics) and it was almost 3 m, so I have quite a lot of it left and I plan a dress for myself from the same magazine.

I cut the smallest size of the pattern - 36 and downgraded it to 34 and also shortened the length of the body and the sleeves, following Gaby's individual measures. All of the seams are narrow french seams - lately I find it so much more pleasing, when the inside of the garment is neat and without any zigzaged fabric edges.

We didn't have much luck today with the weather - it was cold and cloudy and Gaby was freezing within minutes in her light viscose blouse

so off we go :)


  1. Избрала си страхотен модел и си го изпълнила професионално!

    1. Благодаря ти! Най-много ме радва, че Габи я харесва много и я носи :)