Monday, September 2, 2019

Borovetz 2019

Yesterday we hiked around Borovetz - one of the big mountain resorts in Rila. Initially the hike was contemplated to be a repetition of the 15 km hike we did last year - from the resort up the mountain to Chakur voyvoda hut and back along the same track. But on our way back we decided to take a detour and up and down hill go to the Black Rock formation and from there find our way back to the car in Borovetz. It was a great decision, we had lots of fun exploring new trails and a very good exercise - a total of 20 km along pine tree paths under the milder September sun.

: A view to Borovetz from the trail

: The lower part of the trail is along broad dirt paths

: The hills above Chakur voyvoda hut. Here we had our lunch, a short rest and headed back.

: The villas of Sitnyakovo

: The detour we took to the Black rock

: We found a hunter's lodge and climbed up to have a look from above

: The temperatures are still summery but some of the trees are showing signs of the upcoming autumn

: The views from the Black Rock - a rock formation above the bed of Maritza river

: And back to Borovetz

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