Sunday, January 20, 2019

Polovrak 2019

Our first hike for the year - a familiar place, which we love every season of the year, though I should mention that it is at its best in springtime - Mt. Polovrak in the Lozen mountain. We usually follow a three hour partially round trail, which passes by the Lozen Monastery and gradually climbs up to the peak, then goes down around the peak, returns to the monastery and from there to the village of Lozen. Although it is winter at its most pronounced, the trail was well treaded and easy to follow and there were a dozen or so fellow hikers we met along. The day was partially sunny, mostly quiet (of course super windy at the top) and it was a very good exercise.
What I love most about our hikes, apart from the experience itself, is the heightened pleasure I get from a hot shower and a big bowl of salad with a glass of beer and an Woody Allen film (as was the case last night) I get afterwards :)

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  1. What a good hike! I really like the monastery's trio of windowed building parts.