Friday, January 25, 2019

Blue Cardigan. Details

Last night I sewed the buttons to the long blue cardigan and it is now wet blocked and officially ready to wear. Gaby tried it and styled it with a fitted dress and low boots and I like the look of it on her. Some of the details I added to the cardigan:

A ribbed wedge between the sleeve opening and the sleeve. The wedge is formed using short rows and, apart from adding some interest to the design, it continues the slope of the shoulders (which are also formed with short rows), thus helping to eliminated any bulk under the arms:

Small buttons to the sleeves on a stripe of elongated rib:

The pockets are deep and separate from the body, so that they are not simply a decorative element, but Gaby can truly keep her hands in them - the idea of this cardigan is to be a work horse for university.

The most work consuming feature - the almost unnoticeable small pockets of stockinette stitches, which cover the edge of the fronts and the back, from which the stitches for the button bands are picked. To avoid excessive thickness there, I knitted each side of the "pocket" with a single thread and then combined the two threads to continue knitting the actual button bands. I really like this neat finish, though it is almost lost in the heather of this yarn. This is one of the videos I looked up for this detail.

Modeled photosession - hopefully on Monday, after Gaby's upcoming exam (one of six for this semester).


  1. OMGosh, this is amazing! You are such an expert knitter. Love the brown buttons.