Saturday, September 1, 2018

Yarema, Vitosha, 2018

Our traditional annual hike to Yarema on Vitosha. We usually go there at the end of July, when the raspberries are ripe and even gather a kilo or two for homemade wild raspberry jam. This year we kept postponing our hike and on the first day of September the raspberries were almost all gone. We had a few, but they were not very good - the fresh ones were sour and the ripe were mostly a bit fermented. Still, we had a nice leisurely 8 km hike, exploring a new branch of the trail.

This time I decided not to carry the heavy DSLR, but to take pictures with my phone. It is quite a decent phone with decent camera features, but ... meh. It might be good for city walks, but when in the mountains I want my zoom and I want my de-focus and all the niceties I'm used to getting from my camera. So next time I'll probably be packing the DSLR again.

: The raspberries were gone, but the plums were ripe. Hubby is a great fan of plums:

: The trail was a mixed bag - nice shady forest paths

: and sunny hot open areas, some with human height nettles. My right leg hit a stalk of nettles and hours later it still feels like burnt.

: Some of Vitosha high peaks in the distance. We stayed low, at 1600-1700 m altitude.

: While searching for a nice place to have our picnic, we found a pair of deer antlers on the ground. The place was off the track, so probably no one had come upon them for a long time.

: This particular raspberry turned very delicious :)


  1. I think you should pick up scrapbooking because you take great photos of your hikes and would be able to pick a thing or two to put onto the page with them.

    1. Thank you! I've been thinking about a new hobby, but it would rather be gardening or bonsai :)