Sunday, June 10, 2018

WWKIPDAY on Dupevitza 2018

Yesterday husband and I had decided to have our hike with a large several hours rest in the middle, reading books and even knitting, more so as it was the International Knit in Public Day. So we packed our backpacks with our kindles and my knitting, a picnic blanket and some food and water and went to hike on Lulin mountain near Sofia. The day was very hot, but from the start it was visible that it was raining over Vitosha and we expected the rain to move to Lulin any minute. But it did not. The clouds moved to the north over Sofia and it rained heavily over the city, while we watched it from Dupevitza, the highest point of Lulin. However, the air was almost unbreathable - so hot and humid, it felt like there was little oxygen in it. Climbing in a sauna is not easy, so no wonder we met almost no other hikers along this otherwise fairly popular trail :)

Heat and humidity - the ideal medium for grasses and insects. The place was abundant.

A neat reward for our efforts - we found a meadow covered with ripe, sweet and aromatic wild strawberries - the best I've ever tasted! We ate as much as we could and we barely made a dip in it.

On peak Dupevitza
It was raining over Sofia

We had our picnic under a tree on the peak. But we only stayed for an hour - we feared the storm might steer our way and the insects and the heat were a bit too much to be comfortable

On peak Dobrinina skala

Sofia and Vitosha in the distance

The peculiar chapel that always reminds me of the village of the hobbits

We saw three storks in the nearby field

St. Cyril and Methodius Monastery

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  1. Yay for knitting in the wild. I like that shot of the dandelion. How cool to find wild strawberries.
    Thank you for the card love! I usually pull out what stamps I want to use and try to start imagining a design. Sometimes one comes together and other times, I'll troll my Pinterest boards a bit to see if I get inspired.