Friday, June 29, 2018

FIFA Sweater

As some of you probably know, the World Cup Championship, which is held in Russia this year, began mid-June. I rarely watch football matches, but I love the World Championship, and though my country hasn't been able to produce a viable football team for decades, I enjoy the matches and cheer my favourites (sometimes I cheer both teams, whoever scores the goal :))). And I love watching the games with a simple knitting on my hands - ideally a stockinette sweater in the round.
After the fiasco with my wisteria sweater, I didn't want to risk any more precious yarn, so I remembered the two balls of Alize Angora Gold, 80% acrylic, 10% wool, 10% mohair, which I had bought because of its gorgeous blue-green color. I try not to knit with such cheap acrylic yarn, as it tends to be scratchy and not very pleasant to knit and wear, but I itched to knit and I knew that if I did not like the end product, I could just throw it away and not regret the yarn a bit.

So I cast on the sweater the night before the opening of the games and I managed to finish it in only 13 days. I designed it myself, top down, with a rolling neck piece, compound raglan sleeve, which I totally improvised but I like how it turned, and a simple tailored body and sleeves with long 2x2 rib.

And not only did I enjoy the first part of the championship and manage to finish a sweater, but Gaby actually likes it! You might be wondering why she is wearing a sweater on the last days of June and isn't she dying hot in it? The answer is no, she was actually wearing a jacket over her sweater, which she took down for the photos! We've been hit by a cyclone of heavy rain and unusual cold for this past week, the temperatures in Sofia are down to 14-17C and it even snowed in some of the mountain parts of the country! So the new sweater is just in time :))) Or at least it was not inappropriate to wear it for a few photos late in the evening, when the rain stopped for a few minutes.

Pattern: FIFA Sweater (personal pattern)
Yarn: Alize Angora Gold, color 17, 150 g
Needle: 3 mm, 3.25 mm
Time to knit: 13 days

There are two more weeks of football games in Russia. Today, after a day of swatching and browsing through Ravelry, I cast on a new sweater in the round :)


  1. Love how simple and elegant it looks, the neckline detail is my favorite! I also watch sport or pretty much anything m=with knitting in my hands, otherwise it feels like I am losing the precious time :)

  2. Wow! 13 days? Your needles were flying to the rhythm of the soccer players runnin' on the field.