събота, 10 март 2018 г.

Manastirishte 2018

Today was a windy, but fairly sunny Saturday and we had our traditional early spring hike to peak Manastirishte on Plana.

: The air was so clear and the view of the peaks of Rila - breathtaking

: Vitosha

: Manastirishte peak ahead

: Vitosha, the observatory tower

:The old dilapidated house still stands

: The chapel on the peak

: At peak Manastirishte (1338 м)

: The view from the top

: Fox moth caterpillar

: A lonely purple crocus. In two-three weeks' time the field will be covered with crocuses, but it is still early and cold for these beautiful purple candles

: We had our snacks, sitting on these stones in the sun

: The village of Plana and the peaks of Rila. I just couldn't have enough of that view, I love Rila so much

: While taking this picture I noticed the Buddhist stupa on the hill across. So off we went to visit it.

: The stupa has been erected on a very beautiful spot, with a gorgeous view of Plana, Vitosha and Rila on all sides

: A view to Plana and Manastirishte peak from the stupa

: Small tortoiseshell butterfly

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