четвъртък, 5 януари 2017 г.

2016 Review

I can't skip the review of my crafty 2016, so here it is - a collage of the things I made last year. One of my goals for 2016 was to try new yarn and this I did - I've been ordering Italian bobbin yarn online. I'm so glad I dared to step into the land of bobbin yarn - it makes such a difference after years of knitting the same colors and textures of the narrow range of yarns offered in our yarn shops offline.
My first cone yarn adventure was Gaby's poncho, which I knit with baby alpaca - so soft and warm, an amazing yarn. I also knitted with cotton and linen band yarn, a Bulgarian cotton and viscose band yarn, which so far shows very good wearability and a luxury wool and silk yarn, ordered from a Turkish online yarn shop. And for my 2017 yarn adventures I've stacked a dozen of cones of Italian bobbin merino. Exploring new yarn is as much a pleasure as experimenting with new patterns.
Six sweaters, one big shawl and a number of accessories - my hands were busy this year:

As for my other hobby - hiking and traveling - in 2016 we visited three countries - Serbia, the Check Republic and Greece and climbed twelve mountain peaks in eight mountains, most of these for the first time. The highlights of our hiking adventures:

 Todorini Kukli in the Balkan Mountains

 Peak Ibur in Rila Mountains

Peak Bezbog in Pirin Mountains

and my favourite - Malyovitza in Rila Mountains

It's always fun to come back to your New Year resolutions. Reading mine for 2016, it seems I've accomplished only half of what I've had in mind and some of my goals were actually worth pursuing.
  • Spanish - I did study Spanish for 3/4 of the year, gradually dropping from four lessons per week to one lesson per week until October, when I just dropped it. This year I plan to resume the lessons, finish the course and start a new, more advanced one. I love learning languages.
  • Exercise my left hand - I lost interest in that and I don't think I'll continue, for now.
  • Exercises on the cross trainer - this I did with variable success. I managed to loose a couple of kilograms I had gained last winter and due to the cross trainer and mainly to our running routine in the park this summer and autumn I felt in my peak form. But winter stepped in and I'm quickly loosing my muscle strength and durability - so yes, that's a goal I'm keeping for this year too.
  • Try new yarn and dye more yarn - most of my knitting last year was with new yarn and I'll continue and expand that experience. And I'm curious to experiment with dyeing too.
  • Hand made jewelry - I made a crochet bracelet, which I have to finish and blog about. I also bought some jewelry materials, so all I need now is inspiration.
  • Sew a garment - never did that. I only refashioned an old maternity dress and sewed a weapon bag for Gaby's aikido practice. In 2017 I would really like to do more sewing.

And a new goal for 2017 - be braver. I'd like to overcome my fear of driving and at least give it a try in the summer. And another goal - plan and organize a sightseeing excursion abroad on our own. Apart from our sea holidays in Greece, so far we've always traveled with agencies and guides, but I'd like to venture it without an organized group.

So, that's it. I love new beginnings and New Year's Eve is probably one of my most favourite holidays, with the (often short-lived) burst of hope and will-power to do better and step out of one's comfort zone. I wish you all a happy, healthy, peaceful and successful 2017!

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  1. What a fantastic summary for last year. You always go big on garments which is terrific. I admire your hiking. I need to get more active this year and want to knit jumpers for myself. I was a late bloomer in regards to driving. I only learned b/c I started teaching and had to lug those heavy manuals around. I was 28 or 29 when I got my license. Try to learn on a wide street; that helped me a lot.

  2. Happy new year!

    I find your knitting and hiking so inspiring! I've loved reading in 2016 and look forward to following along in 2017.

    1. Thank you and happy new year to you too! Yours is one of the most interesting blogs I follow, I admire how you manage to find funny, curious, inspiring things to blog about every day and your persistence in running, riding, exercising and decluttering is totally amazing!

  3. You've knitted so many beautiful things last year! I hope to knit a lot more garments this year. And I really hope to go on more hikes this year :)
    I've had my drivers license since I was 18, but I never liked to drive during the winter and it has become a thing I only do if I really have to. Mostly Hubby drives the car when we are going somewhere. So I think I might set that as a goal too to overcome my fear of driving the car on snow and ice!