Monday, December 26, 2016


For our, probably, last hike for the year we chose the quiet and fairly easy trail from the village of Vladaya to the Golden Bridges place on Vitosha. The day was windless and warm for winter, with temperatures just above zero (C). The place was empty, with just a couple of people beside us venturing a walk in the open on Christmas day. It hasn't snowed recently and the snow on the path was well-trodden. There were a few iced and frozen sections that were really impossibly slippery and difficult to pass, but as a whole a very easy and refreshing hike.

The Vladaya river was covered with ice and it was amazing to watch the water flow under its icy lid.

This is the low part of the mountain, the trees are mainly deciduous and without the leaves and the grass the place looked monochrome, it's hard to tell that these are actually color photographs :)

A patch of color - viburnum tree

The Golden Bridges - we had a quick snack in the open and headed back. I'm so glad we had this refreshing hike among all the holiday shopping, cooking and eating.

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