събота, 4 юни 2016 г.

Momina Skala

Today we continued our exploration of the mid-high paths on Vitosha. We took the chair lift from Dragalevtzi to the second lift station - Bay Krustyo and from there hiked along the mid-high roundabout of Vitosha - passing by Kikish shelter and Sredetz Hut to Momina Skala place and then back along an alternative route by Kamen Del Hut, Kikish Shelter and down to Dragalevski Monastery and back to the car near the first station of Dragalevtzi chair lift - some 4 and a half hours of fresh green scenery, mountain rivers, wild flowers and bird songs.

Unlike the low roundabout paths, the mid-high paths are more narrow and stony:

The wild geraniums are everywhere:
Kominite peaks
Dragalevska river

One of the many huge moraines in this part of the mountain:

Water fountain near Kikish shelter

A horse near Sredetz hut

Momina skala place - here we had our lunch at a small mountain restaurant

On the way back from Momina skala to Kamen Del Hut - an ad nearby promised very delicious cuisine in the hut, may be next time we'll stop there :)

Down the long serpentine path to Dragalevski Monastery

A rhododendron in the monastery garden

The monastery and its church

On our way back we gathered a few elder flowers and now I'm making elder lemonade.

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