четвъртък, 23 юни 2016 г.

I Love The Park

This love declaration, which I saw today written on the alley where husband and I run in the mornings, provoked me to write this post. Because I love the park too.

We are fortunate to live near the park of the students' campus - a small, but well kept park, usually visited by young people and families with small children. From the beginning of June we resumed running in the park, two or three days a week. We do get these urges from time to time to run in the morning and they usually dissipate in a month or two. We'll see how long this time will last...

After the rains the park was lusciously green in the beginning of June, but now that we are entering into a second week of heat, the grass and the flowers are beginning to wither.

It is the season of linden trees - the aroma is everywhere and running along my favourite alley feels a bit like swimming in a linden tea :)

I love the view to Vitosha. Hopefully we'll be over there near the patch of snow on Saturday.

A few random pictures of my current projects. My avocado tree - I put two avocado pits in water sometime at the beginning of the year. One rotted, the other sprung up into a plant, which grows literally before my eyes - I guess it loves the sunshine on the balcony.

A project for a bag out of old jeans and a knitted front. The knitting was the easiest part, now I'll have to find the time to takeout the sewing machine and do the rest.

A ribbed raglan cardigan. It was almost finished but I don't like the raglan yoke and I'll have to rip two thirds of it and redo it. The yarn is soft cotton - acrylic blend, the cardigan is for me, to put it on on colder summer evenings.

And a new cardigan for Gaby - a very cropped Miette with short sleeves.

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  1. Thank you for sharing photos from the park! I love these small oasis of nature in the city life. Oh, and your knitting is beautiful as always. These cables are gorgeous!