сряда, 12 март 2014 г.


My first lace triangular shawl ever! I was so excited choosing the pattern and then the yarn, having no experience with lace. In the end knitting it turned out so easy and pleasant that I'm ready for a second shawl :)

Pattern: Haruni by Emily Ross
Yarn: Alize Cashmira Fine, 450 m, 100 g exactly
Needle: 3.5 mm
Time to knit: 7 days

For the second part of the lace I applied slight beading with dark red beads. I inserted them in the course of knitting, using the crochet hook method and I improvised a small hook out of this resistor. The legs of the resistor are a bit too bendy, but I couldn't think of anything more suitable for a hook replacement, and I don't know of any real crochet hook that could pass through so small beads.

I had bought two skeins of Alize Cashmira Fine in this gorgeous scarlet red and I was really surprised that one skein was just enough to the last span of yarn. I knitted the shawl without any major modifications, with crochet bind off.

A very beautiful yet easy free pattern, excellently written. I would recommend it to anyone - beginner or experienced lace knitter.

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  1. Обожаю Куни.Они всегда.в любом цвете,в любой пряже хороша!!!
    С бисером,вообще,потрясающе смотрится!!!

  2. Отлично получилось!!! Красота!

  3. I have had Haruni on my favourites for so long, but I was really put off because I thought it was really complicated. If you think it is suitable for a beginner, I might try that.

    I LOVE how you have used a resistor as a crochet hook! Major kudos for that!

  4. I can't believe you'd never made a triangular lace shawl! Very beautiful!

  5. Your shawl is so pretty, though I can't believe it was easy. I have never tried lace knitting. The beads are a lovely finishing touch.

  6. oh wow, I would have had no idea you weren't a lace knitter if you hadn't said so, this is a beautiful piece!