Sunday, February 9, 2014

South Park on the Verge of Spring

As I expected, most of the snow that fell last week has gone, and though there are still no spring flowers, the fresh grass and the blue skies give that feeling of spring in the air, that is so sweet at the end of winter.

During today's walk in the park, I was most fascinated by the frozen ponds. I have a very soft spot for bulrush - I just have to stop and enjoy and take a picture of any bunch of bulrush I see, no reasonable explanation, just a quirk.

And back to the knitting. Although I've taken this misleading photo deliberately, I'm not knitting two identical sweaters :) I started the yellow one first in a shameless copycat attempt to reproduce Elving's stunning work. And I was kind of loving it, until I tried it on. The first problem was that it was a bit narrow, then a bit too yellow for my skin color hue, and third - I had started knitting it from the right side, which meant knitting all the time - and for us, knitting with the thread held  in front, purling is much easier than knitting. So, after not too much deliberation, I decided to start afresh, in a more "my" color - brick orange, more stitches and from the wrong side. Yes, I have to knit the cables from the wrong side, which is not easy, but all the rest is purling, and that's a win in my book. And the yellow Cashmira - I think I can frog it now and make something for Gaby.


  1. These are warm to me and remind me of fall foliage. Glad you're done with winter.

  2. I love that cable pattern and your new colour is fab.

  3. I love the colours of BOTH those sweaters! The cable pattern is gorgeous :)