вторник, 10 декември 2013 г.

Currant Cardigan

Pattern: Currant Cardigan by Margie Mitchell
Yarn: Alize Lanagold Solids, 50% wool, 50% acrylic, approx. 450 g
Needle: 4 mm, 3.5 mm button bands and neckband
Time to knit: 17 days

Finally, today we managed to organize a very short photosession with my daughter. She was freezing outside without her coat and emphatically refused to take her hat off for the
shooting :) So just a few quick snaps of the cardigan:

My modifications:
1) I began all parts with provisional cast on and after sewing the cardigan I put the live stitches back on the needles and finished them with applied I-cord.
2) For the neck I finally chose a 2x2 rib as for the button bands (alas, I didn't notice that her hair covers the neckline on all the photos :(
3) Because my yarn is thick and my girl - slim, I reduced the cable separations of 3 purl stitches to 2 purl stitches wherever it seemed proper.

And a preview of my next finished object - this photosession was two-in-one :)

9 коментара:

  1. Lovely sweater on a beautiful girl. The texture is awesome. The color cute.

    1. Thank you, Kepanie! The color is really lovely and one of Gaby's most favourite.

  2. Кармела,кофточка получилась отличная!!!!А раны замысловатые такие,вязать не скучно было,да?

    1. Спасибо, Ина! Было очень интересно вязать, хотя все время что то пересчитавала и приспосабливала :)

  3. What a stunning cardigan! The colour is gorgeous, and all those cables! What a wonderful project :)