Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Whimsical Knitting

Is your knitting logical? 'Cause mine sure isn't, especially of late :)

I've finally finished the Elfe-striped sweater, it's blocking now and I hope to be able to photo-shoot it for FO Friday. I started the grey-lime sweater as a stash-busting project, I had about 180  g of lime and 120 g of grey. I knew, that if I wanted long sleeves I could pull it off with lime at the bottom and grey at the top. However, I liked the color transition better from grey at the bottom to lime at the top. So, here I went, knowing that this should mean 3/4 sleeves max. And I did make one of the sleeves, in the round, on 5 needles, and 3/4 length, and I didn't like it at all, neither the length, nor the width (kind of roomy around my armpits). So-o-o, I unraveled it and this time decided to knit the sleeves flat - not only because it's much faster, but for structure too. And realizing that I definitely prefer the sleeves to be 7/8 in length, I went and bought another ball of grey yarn. So, if I had made the sweater lime-grey, I would have busted the whole lot of yarn, while now I still have about 100 g left. Do I regret it - NO! I like it as it is and I believe after all this is what really matters :)

And on my current knitting - it's Menemsha Pullover by Angela Hahn. Last month I bought this still unknown to me yarn - Alize Lino, 25% linen and 75% viscose in a natural color.

I have never knitted with yarn in the form of a knitted tube and I was hesitant about the final result, but I like it a lot and I think it's the perfect yarn for this sweater.

The only hitch - it's a short sleeved summer sweater, it's coming along very slowly, so I will be knitting it for at least two or even three more weeks and autumn is already settled in. I should be knitting hats, gloves and cardigans, and I do have the yarns already, why am I knitting a summer sweater, which I will not be able to wear until next May, earliest!?
Because I can, I suppose? :)

I've just finished the right sleeve and started the part of the yoke, forming the boat neckline.


  1. Your work is always delightful to look at, wonderful! I adore your grey and lime sweater.

  2. Your sweater is gorgeous! I love the color combination.

  3. I like the gray and lime together! I need to do that in a project soon. Those cables are gorgeous, too!

  4. Your stripey sweater is just perfect - you made all the right choices! Love the new WIP too!

  5. Gray and Lime!! Wow, I love the combo! And as long as you love it, that is the important thing! :)

  6. I love the color combo for the first sweater. The new WIP is awesome too.

  7. I wouldn't regret the decision to rework your sleeves either. It looks GREAT! The gradient stripes are fantastic!