Thursday, September 20, 2012

Grey-Lime Stripes

Pattern: self-drawn based on Elfe transition stripes
Yarn: YarnArt Jeans 55% cotton 45%acrylic
Needle: 3 mm

Notes to self: I experimented with the raglan yoke. Instead of four points of decrease, I decided to decrease 10 stitches, evenly distributed, on every fourth row, eight times, and then 12 stitches on every 3rd row twice. This method creates a round rather than an angular yoke, the issue here is the visibility of the decreases, especially with this unforgiving cotton yarn. However, because the sweater is intended entirely for domestic wear, I didn't mind that so much. I'm curious how this method would work with wool, probably better. Might try it some day :)

Though I've photographed it outside, in front of the local supermarket, I really mean to wear it a lot and strictly at home. One of the issues of every woman, who makes her own clothes and is a home-stay mother or is working from home (I work from my home office) is the fact, that she spends a greater part of her time at home and gets to wear her new and fancy clothes more rarely. So this autumn I've decided to make a few items specifically to be worn at home, which for me means soft and preferably wool-free yarns. And I'll try to de-stash a little bit.

It's FO Friday and lot's of people are showing their finished objects at
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  1. I'm so in love with this sweater! It looks even better modeled! And I like the decreases - I thought they were a design feature until I read the text!

  2. очень нравится свитер!!!Супер!!!Для работы дома отличный результат,да и в люди в таком свитере выйти можно.очень красивая и аккуратная работа!

  3. Wow! It's gorgeous, and the colours are just perfect for you!

  4. Your sweater is so beautiful and fits perfectly!

  5. Your sweater turned out so great! Love the shape, the stitch pattern and the striping sequence!

  6. It's fabulous! Well done. I love the photos against the bright red walls, as well.

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