Monday, July 2, 2012


Yesterday we spent the day on Vitosha, picnicking on a clearing above the village of Bistritza. The place we chose is at the foot of the mountain and probably one of the most beautiful fields I've ever seen, covered with purple and yellow flowers. We walked around, played badminton and bow shooting. While the boys, being hunters by nature, practiced with the bow, my daughter and I came upon a wild strawberry "plantation" and gathered a cup of strawberries, which we all ate as a dessert :)

While driving up the mountain, we saw clouds of smoke high in the mountain. We later read in the news that there was a fire in a section of the pine wood in the forest reserve of Bistritza. Two choppers carrying water from the Pancharevo lake flew all the time, trying to quench the fire. According to latest news, the fire-fighting is still going on, the place is high above in the mountain and very difficult to reach. There is no official statement yet as for the source of the fire, but the fact that it happened at noon on a Sunday makes me suspect human error. Vitosha mountain is the greatest treasure of our city and it pains me that a lot of people do not appreciate and protect it, but use it and pollute it irresponsibly.

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