Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blue Bell Chick-Chat

Pattern: Blue Bell Chick Chat
Designer: Valerie Pfeiffer
Canvass: Aida 14
Floss: DMC

I know - little birds and flowers, it's as corny as it gets and my husband has been making fun of me enough :).
But to me cross stitching is rarely about creating pieces of art, but more often just about pleasure, and these little cross stitch designs provide instant gratification and pleasure in loads. The first one - with the berries, is my favorite and I made it some three years ago, it has been hanging in the children's room ever since and there is even some discoloration of the frame slightly visible. The second one - with the fuchsia, followed a year later, and this third one dried this morning. I had preordered three equal frames, so this morning I finally framed the fuchsia and the blue bell birds, and the trio is ready to be hung.
But that's not all - stay tuned ... :)


  1. Толкова са симпатични тези птиченца! Чудни рамчици си им избрала! Сякаш нямат стъкло или така ми се струва... Може ли малко повече информация за рамките? Радвам се, че открих, макар и малко късно блога ти!

    1. Благодаря ти! Рамките ги правих по поръчка, стъклото им е антирефлексно и наистина не се забелязва, защото няма никакви проблясъци и отражения.