четвъртък, 27 октомври 2011 г.

Grey Snowflake

Name: Grey Snowflake
Pattern: Snowflakes on Mulberries Hat
Yarn: Alize Lanagold Classic 240 m / 100 g
Needle: 3.5 mm

120 st turned out too many, so I reduced the snowflake to 5 branches of 20 st each, 100 st total. Tubular cast on with waste yarn, modified from Dropsdesign video. My son wears it pulled a bit too much over his eyes, but that's his custom.
The small label - probably it's wrong, but I cannot stand those small labels on my shirts and sweaters, touching the back of my neck - my skin is too sensitive. Before I just unpicked them and threw them away, but last year it came to me to sew them back on hats as a nice touch of decoration.

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14 коментара:

  1. Lovely hat, and I like your idea of sewing the label on, so cute :)

  2. I like the hat! It looks great - really nice and classic. Good idea about the label too.

  3. I'd not thought of adding a label as decoration, it looks good.

  4. I love the yarn you used. I think the bulkier weight, as opposed to the original DK listed on Rav, is perfect.

  5. I really like your hat and your son is adorable wearing it. Thank you for sharing.

  6. A beautiful hat on an adorable boy. Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  7. Oh, I have a hat like this in my queue, but I added this one too. Love it. :-)

    I took a semester of Russian in College, but I can't say I can read it... making a guess as to which button to push. :-)