четвъртък, 13 октомври 2011 г.

Brick Shorty

Finally - an FO! It's been a while since my last cardigan - Gaby's Joy. Here's what came out of the yarn, recycled from Yosemite - a comfortable cropped cardigan. Puffy Fine is so soft, when knit with two threads of yarn - the knitted texture is very pleasant and supple. This cable pattern was a novelty to me, very ingenious.

Name: Brick Shorty
Pattern: Short Cardigan by DROPS Design
Yarn: Alize Puffy Fine 260 g
Needle: 3.5 mm (moss stitch) and 4 mm

14 коментара:

  1. ohhh i love this cardigan and the color choice is wonderful perfect for autumn! great blog too.

  2. Your sweater is gorgeous and looks fantastic on!

  3. very very lovely, I have recently dicovered drops, it is addictive!

  4. What a fantastic FO---it looks amazing as a flat object (what awesome textures!) and even better when you're actually wearing it. It fits you wonderfully and I really like the short length.

  5. Great fit! It's so nice when yarn that wasn't happy in one project finds such a good home in another. You've certainly done your good deed for the day!

  6. Fantastic, and that's a great colour for you. I really like the shape of the neckline; it's very flattering!