Friday, June 17, 2011

What's New

Some post-Breeze thoughts ...
It amazes me lately, after a year of active, somewhat hectic knitting, how sometimes I drudge over a pattern, knit and unravel, study others' experiences on Ravelry and Osinka and various blogs and I finally get a fine and even perfectly fitting garment which I almost never get to wear. And then there comes something quick and unpretentious, a blouse, or a hat, or a shrug, and one might begin to wonder if I have been walking naked/hatless theretofore, as I seem never to take the new item off my back/head. Yes, this is exactly the current situation with Breeze. I simply love this sweater :).

And what's new - a three-color blouse, which painfully slow is growing out of otherwise worth for nothing single ball remnants from Blue Jeans, Simply red and Quanun, all knitted in YarnArt Jeans. I've dubbed the blouse Frenchy for obvious reasons, though in the beginning it looked more like an elections ribbon :).
The idea is an improvised version of this blouse, which I loved the moment I saw it on needled, but the pattern is a combination of the ripple effect from this winter tunic for my daughter and probably some sort of raglan sleeves, as in Simply Red and Breeze.

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  1. Something interesting is going to come out from these remnants. Go Carmela!

    Чакам с нетърпение резултата.