Saturday, June 11, 2011


Name: Breeze
Pattern: Green Gable by Rachel Bishop
Yarn: Nako Breeze 70% cotton 30% viscose
Needle: 3.00 mm (US 2 1/2)

Technically speaking, this isn't Rachel Bishop's Green Gable. First, it is knit from down to top in the round, the rib is ridged rib, the sleeves feature some short rows. Still, it's a short sleeved summer raglan sweater with meshed front, inspired by the look of said Green Gable pattern.
The yarn - lovely, for a viscose blend. The colour is such a rich sea blue green that I fell in love with the moment I saw it. Sadly, the camera fails to capture the nuances of green in the blue. I have a skein and a half left and I plan to buy some more of the same for this Filati short jacket.
It's a bleak rainy day outside, so I've been playing with my Micrografx and producing such funny photo-montages:

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