Thursday, February 8, 2024

Purple Burda Blouse

After our hike to Manastirishte, husband and I drove to the Buddhist stupa above the village of Plana and took a few pictures of my latest blouse. 

The pattern is the same Burda 108 12/2023, that I made for my mother, but the smallest 36 size. The piece of fabric I had was less than one meter after I washed it and its print, though not very discernible, it is directional and striped. Despite my limited fabric, I tried my best to match the design and to follow the direction of the print.


Apart from my usual shortenings of the pattern, based on my height, due to my limited fabric, I also slightly shortened the sleeves and made the cuffs a bit longer. However, I think I like the wider and longer sleeves of my mother's blouse better, so next time, if I can, I'll make my sleeves longer with shorter cuffs.

For my version of the pattern, I tried the original neckpiece, found it terribly floppy and shapeless and removed it. Thus I had to design a new neckpiece out of my remaining fabric - a form of cowl collar. I like it a lot, but if I ever make this blouse again, I would raise the neckline a bit and would make the cowl collar much bigger.

Size: 36, shortened
Fabric: soft cotton jacquard, 0.95 m
Time to make: 3 days

The fabric is super soft cotton jacquard, uniquely pleasant to the skin and this blouse is easily my most favourite blouse as of late :) Pity, that the store had no more of this fabric, I believe Gaby would have liked a similar blouse too.

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