Saturday, December 9, 2023

Pancharevo 2023

Today's hike was short, but refreshing along the round trail near Pancharevo dam. The start of the trail is only 20-25 min by car from home and this is probably its best feature. The day was cold, with temperatures just above zero. The ground was a big wet, but not muddy, there was some fresh snow on the trees, but the ground was too warm for it to keep.

We started around noon and in about an hour were at the other end of the dam.

Hike info:

Destination: lake Pancharevo
Mountain: Lozen
Total length: 7 km
Elevation gain: 130 m
Total duration (plus picnic and rests): 2 hours 10 min
Average difficulty: 2 / 10

Me-made items, worn on this hike:
Husband: men's boxers, Knip Mode cargo pants, hat, knitted socks, (scarf in backpack)
I:  socks, lingerie, Copper Cables sweater, CC copycat hat, gloves, scarf

Unfortunately, the promised sun never showed. The waters of the lake haven't frozen yet and there were a few rowers and fishermen on the lake, as well as plenty of birds.

We had our lunch on the seating area by the lake, watching the birds.

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