Sunday, October 16, 2022

Sabrina Slims III

I made a new pair of hiking pants and I tested them today.

The pattern is again Sabrina Slims, like my most worn summer hiking pants. The fabric is a small piece of ponte, 80 cm long, I bought at the end of spring with the intention of making a pair of 3/4 hiking leggings. However, the summer came and went and I never got to sewing this ponte. 

So, last Sunday I took it out together with the cuttings from three other ponte projects and started planning a new pair of full size hiking leggings. In the end I chose the colorful green ponte, remnants from my second Sabrina Slims, as a complimentary fabric to the main black ponte.

I kept all the corrections to the upper part of the pants I had introduced to my second Sabrina and I also straightened the legs from the knee down. However, I had forgotten that the Sabrina Slims run a bit too narrow down the legs and if I ever decide to make them again, I should add a couple of centimeters to the width from mid-thigh to ankles, lately I prefer more bootleg pants, not the super slim style.

However, my gripe with the narrowness down the leg is purely aesthetic; due to the very stretchy fabric the Sabrina Slims are comfortable and provide full freedom of movement during a hike, which often include climbing, stretching and crouching.

Size: 0 with corrections
Fabric: ponte, 100% polyesther
Time to make: 3 days

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