Sunday, September 25, 2022

Burda 6202 with Roses

A simple set I made this week for Gaby - raglan blouse Burda 6202 and a pair of panties from the remnants of the fabric. I bought the fabric from a store for Italian textile, where I shop fabrics from time to time and I think it is the same print as this fabric I sеwed for Gaby last year, but in different colors.

I asked for 1 m of the fabric, but when I returned home and washed it, I found that I had only 82 cm. I was of course, a bit upset, but I still managed to make exactly the blouse I had in mind, with a pair of panties, as I had planned it, so all was good in the end and I was even super proud with myself and patting myself on the shoulder for my fabric-Tetris mastery :)

The pattern I used is one I've been rediscovering lately - Burda 6202 raglan top. I made a similar one for myself early in the summer and I soon found, that I did not like the wide elastic, so I replaced the elastic with a cuff and I've been wearing that blouse with preference ever since. So, I thought Gaby might enjoy a similar one as well. It is, of course, another matter when she will get it, but as the pattern is more or less classic, I don't think passing fashion would be an issue.

Size: 36, shortened
Fabric: cotton knit fabric, 82 cm.
Time to make: 2 days

Size: 0
Fabric: cotton knit fabric
Time to make: 1 day


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