Monday, April 18, 2022

Basic White T-shirt with Beaded Motif

One more t-shirt for Gaby - a fairly basic white blouse with 7/8 sleeves and a beaded motif.

Many years ago Gaby had a store-bought viscose blouse with this motif, which she loved. Once she outgrew the blouse, I saved the beads in order to transfer them to another blouse. So, years later, here they are again. I'm not really sure how wearable such a motif is, but it was a fun project.

In order to attach the beaded motif, I reinforced the inside of the front with knit fusible and then sewed the small beads in groups of three and the "coins" separately, so that the entire motif would have some flexibility. I hope my threads and knots will hold and nothing will be lost during wear and care.

Patter: Burda 6820
Size: 36, shortened sleeves, raised neckline
Fabric: white viscose knit
Time to make: 2 days

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