Sunday, November 10, 2019

Lanina Mogila, Lozen 2019

Our mild autumn weather continues to delight us. On Saturday we climbed Lanina Mogila, a very scenic peak in the Lozen mountain. The weather was amazingly warm, we never had to take our jackets out from the backpacks.
With my Spanish classes twice a week and all the outings in the warm weather, this blog is becoming very touristy and much less crafty. However, I bought a pile of sewing supplies lately and have firmly decided to start sewing today - so hopefully there'll be shirts, blouses and even a sweater to show soon.

Lanina mogila in full view. It is a very rounded peak, seen from this point of view

 A view to peak Polovrak, another peak we often climb on Lozen mountain.

Iskar reservoir in the distance

The village of Lozen

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